Family pack – 6 Members



Black Pepper Powder 100g 1 Packet
Black Pepper Powder 200g 1 Packet
Turmeric Powder 100g 1 Packet
Cinnamon Powder 50g 2 Packets
Cinnamon Sticks 50g 1 Packet
Tea Leaves 400g 1 Packet
Tea Leaves 200g 1 Packet
Chili Powder 100g 2 Packet
Chili Powder 200g 1 Packet
Chili Pieces 100g 2 Packet
Chili Pieces 200g 1 Packet
White Coconut Oil 1000ml 3 Bottles
Cardamom 10g 1 Packet
Cloves 10g 1 Packet
Tamarind 100g 1 Packet
Goraka 100g 1 Packet
Coriander Seeds 100g 1 Packet
Cummin Seeds 50g 1 Packet
Fennel Seeds 50g 1 Packet
Nutmeg 25g 1 Packet
Ginger 50g 1 Packet

Weight 5.5 kg


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